veterinary homeopaths

veterinary homeopaths

Veterinary Homeopaths

(I list veterinary homeopaths first – but I also include the far more prevalent “plain old” homeopaths, as many will also treat animals)

Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy – List of its members around the world (i.e., mostly in the U.S., a few Canadian, and hardly any anywhere else)

Vetnat International – A few Canadian veterinary homeopaths

British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons – Members in the U.K.

Osterreichische Gesellschaft fur veterinarmedizinische Homoopathie – Veterinarian homeopaths in Austria

veterin√°rios_homeopatas.htm Associacao Medico Veterinaria Homeopatica Brasileira – Brazilian veterinary homeopaths

A list of veterinary homeopathic organizations in almost 20 countries worldwide… in case the directories aren’t enough Homeopathy Home – U.S. organizations that maintain online lists/databases of practitioners; other organizations that may be useful in directing one to a nearby homeopath organisations.shtml

Homeopathy Home – U.K. organizations as above

Homeopathy Home – homeopathy organizations in around 40 other countries around the world, little and big

A list of classical homeopaths in the U.S. and Canada who are personally recommended by homeopath Steve Waldstein Individual homeopathic practitioners accessible via the web: (Information gleaned from a discussion list is one thing. When your pet needs help now, there is a homeopath at hand, even if you live in the wilderness…)

Geir Marcussen is a Norwegian man, a classically trained homeopath who consults via e-mail anywhere in the world. He has been involved in a few Internet discussion forums and now participates in several segments of his own (very useful) classical homeopathy-centered forum called On-line Homeopathic Consulting,

geirmarcussenmnnh… This includes the “Veterinary” forum. (And please consider making donations for expert help freely given. In fact, there are 3 valuable private forums for donors interested in furthering their homeopathic education.). He has extensive experience working both in person and remotely with animal and human cases. (You can see some testimonials from clients on his website.) Geir’s professional training also included a number of other natural treatment modalities (see his website for the list) – his discussion forum advice, for instance, sometimes includes chiropractic “things to be checked”… Altogether a great deal, I think.

Email him at

See also the Holistic Veterinarians page

Online diagnostic aids/long-distance advice: (Use these for gaining clues in educated self-treating – or to ask for suggestions from forum participants…)

Hom√©opathie International bulletin board, “Veterinary Homeopathy” forum. (Geir Marcussen latterly participated here as “GM” before starting his own forum.) Archived topics/threads are highly instructional. (See the forums “Case Discussions” and “Clinical Cases” for a very useful education in how homeopaths work. There are also forums conducted in Portuguese, German, Spanish, and Italian… and the site’s “home language”, French.)

Homeopathy Home bulletin board, “Pets and Animals” forum – Participants include one or more homeopaths experienced in treating animals; reading through the archived topics/threads is highly educational… or post a query of your own. (Geir Marcussen used to participate here as well, also as “GM” – but disapproves of the over-popular approach to homeopathy that holds sway.)

geirmarcussenmnnh Geir Marcussen’s “On-line Homeopathic Consulting” forum – Includes a “Veterinary” segment, and educational sections for financial supporters of the forum; multiple homeopaths contribute.

Vetnat International – For cats, dogs, or birds… An interactive script that makes correlations between various ailments and the combination remedies the company sells. Certification programs for homeopaths: (In case you’re interested for yourself…)

National Center for Homeopathy – descriptions of 4 U.S. certification organizations and the certifications boards of the 3 states that bother

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