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The Whole Dog

Promoting Healthy Dog Care Through Knowledge and Education since 2003.

Are you confused by the ever-growing maze of natural health modalities? Are you giving your dog one thing after another and still not seeing good results? Have you consulted with numerous conventional veterinary practitioners and your pet is still not well? The Whole Dog provides solutions! Dr. Jeannie Thomason is a certified, veterinary naturopath (aka Animal Health Coach) who has been educating dog owners and providing naturopathic ( holistic, natural) animal care since 2003 via her consultations, articles, webinars and this website . She also offers tested and proven, natural products when necessary.

Dr. Jeannie’s focus is on putting the dog’s needs first by taking a “wholistic” or naturopathic approach and honoring him as the species he is – a dog. Honoring the dog as such is by far the best gift you can give him.

Natural/Holistic Dog Care

For those who have only ever known conventional dog care methods, the natural approach may at first seem to go against almost everything you know. This is because conventional methods tend to have been developed from the human perspective and based on the dog being an omnivore like a human. The holistic or naturopathic approach looks at and works with “the whole dog”, in a natural way that ignites the body’s internal healing force and stimulates its natural abilities to heal itself. Elimination of the symptoms is what conventional medicine is based on however, just eliminating the symptom is NOT the same as elimination of the cause or dis-ease that produced that symptom or symptoms in the first place. While Dr. Jeannie’s passion is to assist you in preventing health problems in your pets. Most of her clients have been owners of dogs, cats and parrots who have not improved with conventional veterinary treatments at their regular veterinarian. Dr. Jeannie states: “Most of my clients have a local or regular veterinarian for conventional surgery and emergency services only, while they will consult with me for chronic or ongoing problems and nutritional help where the ongoing conventional drugs and diets have not been working for their pets; for example demodectic mange, yeast infections, skin allergies, ear infections, intestinal upsets, pancreatitis, kidney disease, idiopathic seizures, cancer, etc. ” Naturopathy is not a single modality of healing, but lifestyle that incorporates nature’s array of healing modalities, including nutrition; aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy; hydrotherapy or other natural modalities.

If you would like to set up a consultation for a wellness and lifestyle assessment of your dog, please be sure to visit the consultation page for more information.

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