NRBA Member Directory

NRBA Member Directory

Tadita Whippets
[email protected] Tina Berry

Kriegshund German Shepherds

[email protected] Gerilyn Bielakiewicz

Pine Springs Golden Retrievers

[email protected] Anne Blanchette

Golden Bear Kennel

Golden Retrievers and American Cocker Spaniels

[email protected]

Cathy Blatz

Summer Hill Dachshunds & Basset Hounds

[email protected] Kathryn Bolin

Aurak Standard Poodles

[email protected] Kathleen Borys

KC Scottish Terriers

[email protected] Sandra Brigola

Von Hapsburg Danes

[email protected] Lynn & Jim Caswell

Wavemaker Staffords

Staffordshire Bull Terriers

[email protected]

Amy A Clark

TAC Dachshunds

(Miniature and Standard Smooth)

[email protected]

Janet L. Contursi Vom Strum und Drang German Shepherds

[email protected]

Ellen Cornell Kalak Kennels (Scottish Terriers & Bouvier des Flandres)

[email protected]

Randye DeLorto

Von Himmel Rotweilers

[email protected] Bob & Cathy Denman

Bobcat Terriers

(Parson Russell Terriers & Airedales)

[email protected]

Donna Tagg Dodge

Moonribbon NewFoundlands

[email protected] Erika Haferkorn

Red Angel Bordeaux

(Dogue De Bordeaux)

[email protected]

Janet Hanson

Crystal Canyon Australian Shepherds

[email protected] Elizabeth Harding

Von Haus Rundelane Standard Poodles

[email protected] Penny Harney

Pinafore Poodles

[email protected] Connie Hull

Pine Crest Australian Shepherds

[email protected] Jacklyn Hayhurst

Evenstar Labradors

jhayhurst[email protected] Sherry Jackson

Devata Kennels

(German Wirehaired Pointers)

[email protected]

Roberta Jamison


(Whippets & Italian Greyhounds)

[email protected]

Liz Jay

Talraz Bearded Collies

[email protected] Lynnel L Jones

Andalusian Bullmastiffs and Cairns at the Burrow

[email protected] Sheryl Kaminski

Daybreak Australian Shepherds

[email protected] Susan Kuhn

Timberwyck Airedales

[email protected] Melanie Lainey

Summit View Farms

(Australian Cattle Dogs & Bernese Mountian Dogs)

[email protected]

Mary Langevin

Cat’s Cradle Catahoulas

[email protected] Betty Lewis

Waccabuc Great Danes & Whippets

[email protected] Mary Marlowe

Rhamah Italian Greyhounds

[email protected] Cheryl Mathis

Von Mathausen GSDs

[email protected] Liz MacArthur

eMac Bulldogs

[email protected] Dan & Jacque McHenry

RunAmok Farm

(Australian Shepherds & Miniature Australian Shepherds)

[email protected]

Debbie Miller

Remedi Sussex Spaniels

[email protected] Sara Moon

Nana Newfoundlands

[email protected] Robin Mosher

Havana Silk Dogs Havanese

[email protected] Bev Molloy Banda Mastiffs (English Mastiffs) website soon to be available

[email protected]

Tiffany Murphy

Road Block Anatolians

[email protected] Janet Nienhaus

Seafever Kennel

(PWDs & Lowchens)

[email protected]

Marilyn Pence



[email protected]

Erika Phillips

Shaeden Italian Greyhounds

[email protected] Linda Richard

NANROX Kennels

(Beauceron & Toy Manchester Terrier)

[email protected]

Tammy Riley

Von Eintze Shepherds

(German Shepherd Dogs)

[email protected]

Jeannie Schmidt

Rose Wind Dachshunds

[email protected] Holly L. Sciscoe

Tip’s Chihuahuas

[email protected] Dana Scott

Fall River Labrador Retrievers

[email protected] Michelle Scott

Brielle Poodles

(Standard Poodles)

[email protected]

Judy B. Simmons

RivrVue Bouviers

[email protected] Aeryun Stocklein

Aeryun Border Collies

[email protected] Christine L. Swingle

Bonnie Brier

(West Highland White Terriers)

[email protected]

Linda Taterman Golden Heart Kennel (Clumber Spaniels)

[email protected]

Jeannie Thomason

JeanE’s Boston Terriers

[email protected] Nicola Tull

Brogholme Bernese Mountain Dogs

[email protected] Linda Walker

Sunapee Akitas

[email protected] Kristina M. Whetzel

Kyanite Acres

(Australian Shepherds)

[email protected]

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