Dehydrated or Freeze Dried Food

Dehydrated or Freeze Dried Food

Dehydrated or Freeze Dried Food

The Whole Dog and Dr. Jeannie recommend a raw, species appropriate diet for dogs. Dry Kibble or any processed food is NOT the best you can give your dog nutritionally. Even with the very best and most organic ingredients, it is still processed at very high temperatures which destroy the essential amino acids, vitamins, etc. The only true nutrition available in processed pet food is the synthetic vitamin mixture that is sprayed on at the end of processing just prior to packaging. A quality well balanced Raw, Species Appropriate diet is the very best we can do for our dogs as it mimics what they would eat in the wild and is what God created them to eat in the first place. Please read why dogs should be fed whole foods, especially raw meat, organs and bones:

Dogs Are Carnivores

Feeding a SARF Diet

We are aware that a raw meat, organs and bones diet is still feared by some but who really would like to incorporate a healthier, raw diet into their dog’s lives.

We now offer these grain free, dehydrated RAW diets that are very simple to prepare and feed your dog while traveling or beginning to transitioning your kibble fed dogs to raw.

RAW Without The Thaw!

Ziwi Peak is currently the ONLY grain and potato free, dehydrated raw food on the market at this time!

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