Consulting on Canine Natural Health, Wellness, Nutritional, Chronic and Acute Conditions

Jeanette (Jeannie) Thomason, C.V.N.D.
Certified Doctor of Veterinary Naturopathy and Certified Small Animal Nutritionist

As a veterinary naturopath, I am committed to providing you with the necessary information to empower you to improve and prolong the life of your beloved companion animals. My desire and mission in offering my consulting services is to help you help your dog achieve optimal health and nutrition by giving you a practical insight into improving your dog’s health through preventive, natural care, proper species appropriate nutrition and other natural modalities; which you can immediately implement; thereby giving your pets a longer healthier life naturally.

Why Have A Consultation?

* Do you question if your dog’s nutrition is adequate? * Does your dog have physical or emotional problems that you would like to address with alternative therapies but didn’t know where to start? * Looking for natural products but are a little confused by the huge variety on the market? * Have a new puppy you want to start out on the “right paw”? * Would you like to discuss complementary wellness techniques, nutrition and health issues regarding your pet? * Have you been thinking about finally leaving commercial pet food behind and moving on to a raw diet for your dog? * To discuss your pet’s symptoms that concern you * To learn of possible alternative therapies when facing a major health decision for your pet Dogs have specific nutritional needs and the needs of individual dogs will vary. With the proper nutrition and care, our dogs live longer and happier lives. Poor nutrition is a direct cause of the many problems dogs suffer – allergies, unhealthy skin and coats, cancer, etc. The good news is that you can protect your precious companion. Whether your canine companions are currently healthy and you’d like to see them stay that way, or you are facing a challenge with your dog, such as arthritis, heart disease, allergies or obesity, I would love to assist you in making the best possible life choices for your best friend. We Provide Solutions!

My mission is to help my clients learn about their dog’s needs regarding nutrition and care, helping them achieve balance and maintaining or restoring good health. With my years of academic studies, experience and research, I will take the guesswork out of any aspect of dog care for you.

As much as I would like to, I just cannot answer everyone’s questions who email me for advice for their pets. If I answered all of them, I would have no time to consult with my clients, which I have to do in order to continue to keep my business open and viable. So, ALL questions will need to be scheduled for a consultation. And, yes, I will have to charge for that time just as your veterinarian or any other health care consultant would do when you are seeking their guidance and assistance. I hope you understand – and respect why I have to structure things in this fashion.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM MY CONSULTATION? I will go over your dog’s health history form and based upon what you tell me, I will formulate a concise plan of action for you to begin with your dog that will undoubtedly begin with a complete and maybe even entirely new concept in how to properly nourish your dog. In addition I use modalities that include herbal remedies, aromatherapy and supplementation to name a few. By the end of the consultation you will have an action plan to implement with your dog. You will be expected to fully participate by implementing the plan of action we will develop together in order to bring about optimal health in your canine companion.


The amount depends on where you are now with a whole health approach to your dog’s care. Pricing ranges from $85-$200 depending on the level of health your dog currently has and what your level of knowledge is on whole, natural health for dogs. The average cost for a total wellness consultation is typically $175. Additional costs will be any herbal remedies, aromatherapy or supplements I may suggest, although, I always leave it up to you whether to obtain those from me or on your own. We will discuss those options during the consultation.You will be able to insert any concerns or questions you’d like me to write you about within the Health History Form (see below – all forms must be completed and signed PRIOR to the consultation).

EXTENDED SUPPORT is $49.50 per ten question email following the initial consultation.


I accept all Credit Cards through PayPal. I will send you a PayPal request for payment invoice once we determine what your dog’s needs are. My goal is to help you help your dog be well.


This varies from client to client. If you heed and implement what is discussed during our consultation then you may only need to have the occasional extended support consultation. If however, your pet is older and/or quite ill then a regular monthly consult may be needed until your dog is well on the way to wellness.


Consultations are a two-way discussion process whereby you and I work together to develop individualized strategies that will assist in helping you to understand and effectively use methods leading to a healthier dog. This begins by having you complete and submit the Health History Profile. All consultations are individually customized for YOUR dog and are delivered in electronic format (email) .


Refunds are available only if you cancel 24 hours in advance of your appointment – prior to the agreed upon delivery date of an email consultation. Refunds are not available once you have received your consultation.


In document Format HERE

In pdf Format HERE

All client information is kept confidential.

Please note that I strive to respond promptly to all requests, and consultations are scheduled in the order they are received. However, priority will be given to urgent cases.

Choose from the options listed below (click on the link for more information) and please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions or would like to make special arrangements not covered by the choices on this page.

Diet Only Consultations

Total Wellness Packages

New Puppy Wellness/Prevention

Essential Oils for Dogs Consultation

Q&A Consultation

Natural Rearing Consultation

(for breeders desiring to learn how to begin to breed and raise their dogs naturally)

Extended Support for any Consultation

TECHNICAL DETAILS Once you have selected the consultation service that is right for you, DOWNLOAD the Health History Profile and Authorization Form.

Please complete the History Intake Form (link is above) as fully as possible, SIGN (hand written signatures please) form, scan, email (or snail mail) signed form back to me to P.O. Box 1637, Cottonwood, CA 96022. If you prefer to fax the completed forms, please email to make arrangements to do that.

If you are unable to download the Heath History Profile and Authorization Form, please send a request for the forms via email to I strive to provide a prompt response time to all consultation requests, and all requests or appointment scheduling emails will be answered as they are received, but priority will be given to urgent cases. I look forward to helping you help your dog live a longer, happier life.
BUSINESS HOURS: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific Time; CLOSED each Friday from 4:00 pm through to Sunday.

God’s Holy Sabbath is Sunset Friday to Sunset Saturday. I appreciate your respect of my time of rest and worship. 🙂


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