Aromatherapy for Animals

Aromatherapy for Animals

Odor Control

We use the Young Living Essential Oil Purification in our Rabbitry and it takes the ammonia out of the barn in 5-10 minutes!  The rabbits love it, as soon as they smell the oil  their ears start twitching and they look relaxed. Ammonia causes stress in rabbits which leads to dis-ease to so with less stress there is less dis-ease!
 Leslie Cornell, Moose Jaw, SK  

Hot Spots

This year my dog Ginger got a “hot spot” from some type of allergy (fleas maybe, although I never found any).  It really bothered her and she was constantly licking and chewing this area.  I never even thought about going to the vet.  Since I have started using YLEO this fall, I go first to these oils.  Reading in the EODR I came up with Elemi which I used everyday on the hot spot.  This made a huge difference, but as the bottle emptied itself I thought I’d try a different oil.  I used Roman Chamomile.  The spot was no longer hot– it had totally healed up but was very dry and flaky. The final oil I used was Spikenard.  This oil is amazing!!  I think if this happens again I will use Spikenard first and see if the healing process is shorter. In any case, Ginger healed up totally without losing all of her hair and without any discoloration in skin or fur.  She loved Spikenard and would come running and lick her lips when I opened the bottle, yet she never licked the oils off the “hot spot”.


Dog Seizure

Our dog is an outside dog and sometimes has a seizure.  Not having her dog house properly winterized, I had her on the porch recently.  She began having a seizure and I put Valor on all four paws.  Peace & Calming was massaged into her brain stem and dripped some on the floor in front of her nose.  She came out of this state quickly (about 2 minutes) and fully.

Rescue Dog With Anexiety

I have a “rescue” dog that had been badly abused. This poor baby totally freaked out when ever I tried to brush him, bathe him, clip his toenails or even try to pick him up to hold him. I bought some “Peace & Calming” and mixed a couple of drops with a very small amount of mixing oil and massaged into his feet and chest and shoulder area. You could just see him relax! I was able to pick him up an cuddle him for the first time and am able to slowly work at brushing him and doing his toenails now. Thank You! Kim

More Peace & Calming Use

My Champion Dog (in tact) began to go crazy when I had a female in heat come to be bred to him. Even though she was in another part of the house, he would not eat or sleep or stay calm for anything. A fellow dog breeder told me about Peace & Calming and lent me half a bottle. I applied it neat (straight with no mixing oil) in a small amount to the pads of his feet and massage it in. He was much calmer. I then mixed some with a little Lavender and bottled water and sprayed his bedding. He ate the next morning and had a good night’s sleep. This stuff is awesome!


NOTE: Be sure to see the testimonies of using Peace & Calming blend for pets HERE

Horse With Abcess

I’ve used hot water soaks, with about 10 drops of Frankincense, 8 drops of Cypress, 8 drops of Wintergreen, and 5 drops of Thieves Blend essential oils.

Soak twice a day until the bucked cools down….maybe about twenty minutes -if the horse will stand that long with it’s foot in a bucket.

The oils tend to bring the abcess to a head in just a few days and the healing is quite rapid. 🙂

Recurring Jaw Problem

My dog has had recurring jaw problem that makes it very painful for her to open her mouth.  She becomes very listless and pathetic, and recently had to go on steroids for a month per the vet.  The last time it came on, I rubbed lavenderon her paws and just inside her ear flap, which immediately stopped her from trembling with the pain, then used Thieves and Birch.  The next morning she was perfectly normal…faster than she’s ever recovered.  I continued to use Birch in the morning and evening for a few days and the problem has not recurred at all since.  The vet said it’s something akin to Lupus in humans…some sort of autoimmune problem that attacks the nerve or muscle, and could progress to strike other areas of her body.Karolynn Ward

Feline AIDSs

When my kitty tested positive for feline aids I diffused Purification several times a day and put lavenderon the tip of his nose (no he didn’t particularly like it).  He now tests free of feline aids.Oh yeah.  Give them lots of extra love and attention.  They get frightened when they’re sick.Be well,


Dog With Tumor I have used different oils for years and I love them. My husband who is very skeptical did not want to use them. He does not even USE aspirin, therefore I was not surprised at all. My friend has been using your oils and she has found them to be really helpful.

Our dog who is 15 years old and is in good shape had a cancerous tumor removed from her spine in April. Afterwards she was fine and could walk again. In August we noticed a large tumor on the side of her belly and she had trouble walking. I did not want her to be operated on again and I started using Frankincense. Three times a day I rubbed the tumor with the oil and in three days it was half the size.

The dog was walking again and within a week the tumor was completely gone. And guess who is a believer!!You guessed it, my husband. I am using the oils now for his asthma. But I thought this was worth telling you about. I have a hat box full of different oils and I make sure I do not run out. Keep up the good work.

/S/ Goly Van Orden

Animal With Injuries

Just wanted to share something with everyone. One of our cats “took a walk” when a door was opened (she is an inside cat). Apparently, she was attacked by another cat throughout the night with a very deep scratch to the eye. We had noticed lots of blood spots in the garage, but could not find “Sara” the cat.  She had been hiding in house for a couple days when I found her and noticed the injury as she was very very traumatized and I am sure was in a lot of pain. However, she had been sufferering all this time in silence. I immediately washed the eye with a plant-based solution in distilled water and applied lavender diluted with V-6.When we took her to our vet, she was very concerned about her losing the eye as the eye was had a totally “milky” appearance. She put her on antibiotics for the infection, mixed her own blood serum with some of the properties removed, and a couple of types of eyes drops . I added to this protocol a solution.

frankincense and lavender in V-6 vegetable oil and applied with a cotton swab on the eyelid and then topped with Rose Ointment.  We had to administer all meds every 2 hours, round-the-clock over the weekend. I applied the oil solution twice a day to eye.

Upon our return to vet Monday, she requested we see a veterinarian optamologist 2 hours away to determine the exact damage to the eye. This doctor was very positive and said infection was the biggest concern, but she felt 90% chance she would see again, as the cut had not permeated the cornea, but we needed to really watch the infection. That was last Tuesday. Since then I have been applying frankincense neat (very carefully) around the eyelid, sealing with Rose Ointment and occasionally diffusing a few drops of frankincense and other anti-bacterial oils in her room where she was isolated from other cats.

Returning yesterday to local vet for check up, she is just AMAZED  how well she is recovering and said the cut has almost healed and the spidery veins now appearing around the retina is a positive sign and said “we were doing a great job”…I did mention using the Lavender to her and gel in beginning and she did not seem to have an adversion to this, she only nodded and said that should be ok. This truly was a leap of faith on my part in using the oils with the concerns that have been voiced using oils on cats. However, I truly felt very strong that this would help her, and trusted she would be healed and able to see again. The vet feels the eye will never “look” the same, but feels she will be able to see again and was a very lucky cat, indeed. We call it blessed. If all continues to go well, as we know it will, she will be released next week. Sara is one of 3 Himilayan cats we have and has a very timid nature, and is somewhat shunned by the other 2. This event has certainly brought us closer to her and vice versa and I believe the other cats are truly concerned for her. While this was a very unfortunate incident, it has brought everyone closer together…. Thought all cat lovers may appreciate this and feel one lesson I learned was “the more care /love I give, the more love I get in return”….even from our feline friends.  …. Gratefully…Charlene

EO’s and Ferrets

Thank God I bought an Essential 7 Kit and some V-6 mixing oil.  We happen to be lovers of ferrets and 5 of them own us.  One of our little guys(Fatz) has 3 cancers and was rapidly leaving us.  Fatz was down to 1 pound of hair and skeleton when I finally got a hold of Dr. Nancy Brandt in Las Vegas. I had a phone consult with her about Fatz and told her about the 3 cancers. 

Peace and Calming diluted was the only oil she recommended I use on him in the raindrop fashion.  She treats ferrets like she treats cats medically —-  NO PHENOLS —— 

The ferret got out of bed himself and started eating and drinking water within 24 hours.  He kept this up and the Drs. could not believe this animal came back to life!!!!!  I had kept Fatz alive nursing him with food and water for 2 weeks prior to this.  The other 2 oils she recommended were rushed here overnight.  Di-tone diluted, was applied to his stomach for his stomach cancer and Endoflex diluted was applied also Raindrop to spine, along with the Peace and Calming.

Note:  In response to questions regarding cats — Dr. Brandt says NO PHENOLS on cats.  She makes no bones about NOT using any other oils but YLE Oils.

Dr. Nancy Brandt, DVM

2591 Windmill Pkwy, suite 2

Henderson, NV  89014        1-702-617-3285

DR. Brandt has been a lifesaver for us for this past 4 months with our animals.  She gave me an antibiotic oil ointment that can be used on cats and ferrets.  We have ferrets that we have used it on and also a cat that cut her paws stepping on some glass.  The recipe is as follows:

Approximately 1 Tablespoon V-6 mixing oil

8 drops cypress

5 drops lemongrass

5 drops lavender

2 drops lemon

2 drops helichrysum

Apply when you think it necessary.

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If you have a testimony you would like me to know about, please send it to me.

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