Animal Talk Naturally

Animal Talk Naturally

“Here is a great project in which I have had the privilege of being a part. Jeannie and Kim do a great job with some very important animal-related issues.” Dr. John Symes, DVM aka Dogtor J “…I am very impressed with how much you two are doing to be out there talking about important things.” Amy Snow Tall Grass Institute “I just found your podcast and I think it’s Great! At times it’s a bit intense but I like the passion. I’m passionate about my Aussie “Blaze!” too. Keep up the Podcasts I enjoy them on my long walks with Mr. Blaze.”

Rick Hegy

Animal Talk Naturally is a live internet radio show that airs LIVE, at www.blogtalkradio/animaltalknaturally every Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:30 PM Eastern(11:30 AM Pacific). Each week, listeners tune in to hear the latest in natural animal health, learn about the true nature of animals and the human/animal bond. Guests include veterinarians, authors, experts and newsmakers. UN-learning to care for your animals naturally” is the mantra of the hosts, Veterinary Naturopaths Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason. Whether you have a dog, a bird a horse or a cat, Animal Talk Naturally is the place for exciting, educational and sometimes controversial, one of a kind shows. Don’t want to miss a show? You can subscribe to Animal Talk Naturally Here:

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