"Nature alone can cure disease. Doctors cannot heal. They can only direct the sufferer back to the pathways of health. Nature alone can create, and healing is re-creation ~ Dr. William S. Sadler"

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies – 

The health of our pets is a lifetime commitment.  The goal is to have your companion animal achieve true wellness and thus prevent imbalance that leads to dis-ease in the first place.   However, when the body does go out of balance, then we can employ the use of nature’s remedies such as herbs, essential oils, flower essences, homeopathy etc.

Holistic Wellness For Dogs & Cats Program

Learn How To Achieve and Maintain Holistic Wellness For Dogs & Cats

This program is an online learning experience where you will  learn how to naturally achieve and maintain true health in your dog and/or cat; how to boost the immune system of an already ailing pet and how to maintain your pet’s health – naturally to avoid visits to the veterinarian ever again (unless it is a life threatening emergency).

Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended


Natural Rearing: Breeding & Raising Dogs The Way Nature Intended

by Dr. Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason

Today’s canine companions have many health issues – stemming from improper diet, environmental toxins, medications – suppressed immune systems.   A strong immune system is the ultimate defense against dis-ease. Natural immunity is the key!